Is Roatan Safe to Visit in 2022?

Is Roatan Safe to Visit in 2022?

With almost two full years of a global pandemic now behind us, many of us are looking to 2022 with a sense of cautious optimism.  Travel over the past two years has been erratic and full of ever-changing guidelines which has necessarily made us wonder about the viability and safety of our chosen destinations.  No one wants to get sick abroad, spend time in expensive isolation hotels or have their travel plans upended at the last minute.  It’s only natural to ask, “Is Roatan safe to visit in 2022?”  And while no one has the definitive answer, our boutique hotel in Roatan will try to provide accurate information that will help you make an informed decision regarding your travel plans.

Yes!  You Can Travel To Roatan!

Roatan is currently open for business with flights and cruise ships arriving regularly.  Like most countries, there have been a few changes in arrival procedures such as showing vaccination certificates or negative Covid 19 tests for those who haven’t been vaccinated. There are also new online health and immigration forms to help expedite the arrival process.  The international airport requires the wearing of face masks, use of hand sanitizer and maintenance of social distancing rules.

Vaccinations Roatan

Honduras may have had a slower rollout of vaccines than many other countries, but it is now catching up.  Vulnerable people and those over 60 were initially prioritized to help relieve pressure on hospitals and slow the spread.  There have now been around 10 million doses of the Covid 19 vaccine administered in a country of 10 million people.  Added to that, there are currently over 35,000 vaccinations being administered each day. Roatan is certainly safe to visit!

Honduras Worldwide Covid 19 Ranking

The country is currently ranked around 80th worldwide for the number of deaths per million and the number of confirmed cases per million.  Cases peaked in August and September of 2021 with deaths peaking about a month later.  Case and death rates have fallen significantly towards the end of 2021 as more people have been vaccinated. Since the beginning of the pandemic outbreak Roatan has only had 62 deaths resulting from COVID. With the recent strains, most cases have been extremely mild and there are many instant testing centers across the island.


Roatan Business Covid 19 Protocols

Most responsible businesses on the island have enacted stringent measures regarding health and safety to instill confidence in both travellers and locals.  Most organizations are following international health standards to help prevent the spread of Covid 19.  This includes extra cleaning and disinfection protocols, encouragement of the wearing of face masks, social distancing measures, capacity limits and outdoor operations where possible.


Camp Bay Lodge Covid 19 Protocols

As Camp Bay Lodge relies on confident tourism travel for its livelihood, it has undertaken as many Covid 19 prevention protocols as possible to keep its guests and staff Covid-free.  An on-site Bio Security Supervisor is responsible for ensuring the staff arrives for each shift in good health and fully aware of the health protocols in place.  All public-facing staff are required to wear a face mask and adhere to strict personal hygiene standards.  Lodge guests are welcomed and processed outdoors with social distancing measures in place.  Temperature checks are performed on all arriving guests.  For a complete list of the Covid 19 protocols implemented at Camp Bay Lodge, read the Covid 19 document located on the Camp Bay Lodge homepage. While you are staying at Camp Bay Lodge, we can also arrange for a Doctor to come on site, should you need a test performed.