About us

About us


Rachel is your guaranteed morning sunshine. She will be there greeting you with your morning coffee or tea, and a fresh homemade breakfast. She has been with us since we opened the Camp Bay Lodge and is actually The Lodge’s longest time employee as she was with the previous owners since they initially constructed The Lodge. Rachel is a native of the Camp Bay Village, and along with her extended family support many of the activities of the Patronato. Ask Rachel anything about The Village and she will be a wealth of information.


Jerry might be a little elusive.  You will probably find him hidden in the kitchen behind the bar preparing your chicken quesadilla, fish burrito or full on lobster dinner.  Jerry has also been with The Lodge since opening.  Prior to joining us at The Lodge, Jerry got his start at La Sirena, the palapa restaurant and bar steps down the beach.  Jerry and Vicky are often working side by side to keep the kitchen and bar going during lunch and dinner.  This is a familiar situation for them as they are actually brother and sister.


Elloncito started to kite in 2015, immediately it was clear he was “born ready”and improved quickly to an impressive level with sky as the only limit. He is a very dedicated teacher always hands on, with him you’ll be able to improve quickly as he did. If he isn’t teaching and there is wind you’ll guaranteed find him going all out kitesurfing in front of the Lodge. If you see him don’t be shy to say hi.


Junior is our big support from St. Helene and he is been teaching beginner lessons for 2 years. Students appreciate his calm & clear instructions. He is extremely methodical and makes sure you hit those milestones to become a self sufficient kitesurfer. You’ll be in the best hands and knowing someone is seriously looking after you and dedicated to your progress and safety.


Jardale has been helping us since Day 1 when we used to live door by door in the village. Many guests have him in good memory because of his kind personality and helpful attitude. He usually is assisting on the beach or driving the rescue boat but has started to do the next step and is teaching beginner lessons and taking on supervision with guests not quite ready to be by themselves. Invite him for a boardgame or any other fun activity if you want to get to know him.