How do I book a stay at the Lodge?

You can reserve the room of your choice if available and meeting our minimum required nights to stay, directly through the website. You will receive the  automatic confirmation email and shortly after another email with the payment link to make the required room deposit with Credit Card.


If you prefer contact us directly via email and let us know what dates, which rooms, how many persons and bed allocation and we take care of all the rest. This way we can also accomodate shorter stay or fit you in between bookings during busy periods. 


What is the best way to get to The Lodge?

You have three good options to get to The Lodge, which is about a 1 hour and 15 -minute ride from the Roatan airport. 

The most prefered option is that we send one of our reliable drivers to pick you up. Expect him to wait for you close to the Coffeee bar with a sign and your name on. The cost is $50/one way paid cash directly to the driver. Please send us 1-2 days before your trip your flight details via WhattsApp +50432525891 to confirm. Let us know how many persons will be travelling with you and if you bring any oversize bags. Inform the driver if you’d like to stop at a Grocery store with ATM machine on your way to us. 

There are several rental car companies located within the airport or just outside. Renting a car is easy and safe, and will provide you with the most flexibility if you plan to venture out and see other areas of the island.

A very popular means of transportation for locals and visitors alike is to hail a cab.  You will see many cab drivers offering rides right at the airport or ferry port. This is a safe means to reach The Lodge but we recommend your negotiating the cost with the cab driver prior to entering the cab.


Will I need cash, or can I use credit cards?

It is a good idea to be prepared to pay with cash (USD or HNL) at many businesses.  On the island it is customary for larger establishments to accept credit cards.  Many establishments, however, only accept cash.  Cash is the more common means of payment on the east end where our Roatan beach hotel is located. Make sure when you bring USD that the bills are flawless otherwise they get rejected. 

At The Lodge we do accept credit cards as well as cash so no need to worry when it comes to your expenses at The Lodge.



What should I bring when I am staying at The Lodge?

With a full restaurant serving breakfast, lunch and dinner you do not need to bring food unless you are planning to cook in one of the Cabanas or Studios.  If you have some special dietary needs, or just prefer to have your own snacks, all rooms are equipped with at least a small refrigerator.

Similar to all areas of the Caribbean, we do have the no-see-ums at times.  There is almost always a steady breeze off the water which keeps these little monsters at bay, but during the early morning or at sunset you may want to have some insect repellent.  You can bring this with you or you can purchase it on the island.  At The Lodge we usually have some natural coconut oil for sale which is the repellent of choice for the local islanders.



Does The Lodge have Air Conditioning?

Many of the cabanas, studios and rooms at The Lodge do have air conditioning.  Most guests find that the steady easterly trade winds that we have in Camp Bay most of the year are sufficient to keep the rooms comfortable.  They prefer to enjoy the sounds of the sea and the other natural elements rather than keeping their rooms closed and air conditioning running.

At The Lodge we do have an additional per day fee for use of the air conditioning to cover the cost of electricity.  We always recommend that if you think you may want to use air conditioning, it is best to make sure your room has the air conditioning unit available when you make your reservation.  We suggest you arrive and make sure you will really need it before you incur the additional cost.



Should I consider any special medical preparations when coming to Roatan?

There are no requirements for special inoculations or shots to vacation on the island.  Malaria is not present on the island and the occurrence of dengue is very unusual.  Unless you feel very strongly we do not see any need to take these precautions.

With the advent of COVID-19 in 2020, the Honduran government is requiring that all arriving passengers present proof of a negative COVID-19 test.  We anticipate that this requirement may change with time so we recommend that you contact your airline prior to your trip to get the latest information on this requirement.



What is the best way to get around on the East End of the island?

If you are planning to explore the Camp Bay area, Port Royal National Forrest, or even the Diamond Rock community, you can do a lot on foot, or by arranging a ride at The Lodge office or restaurant.  We can usually hook you up with some local transportation or arrange for your pick-up and return if you have arranged an activity with one of our local businesses.

If during your stay you decide that you do want to rent a car to explore more distant parts of the island, The Lodge can arrange with a local rental agency to deliver a car and pick it up once you return.  A delivery/pick-up fee is added to the rental but it is still economical to do this rather than rent a car for your entire stay.