All the good spots to kiteboard are located on the East End of Roatan due to the prevalent easterly wind direction. Since the winds are shifting throughout the day from ESE to ENE we also move between the sides to kite mornings and afternoons.

The main spot is the Camp Bay Beach with good conditions for any level of kiter and riding preference no matter if you prefer Twintip, Surfboard of Foilboard. Beginner and Intermediate riders appreciate the traffic and obstacle free spot to progress while advanced riders can play in the waves on the reef or take on the bump and jump. Flat water can be found upwind from the main zone. The beach is skinny which makes launching & landing interesting but experienced beach assistants are there to help and ensure everyone is having a good time.

The Mangrove Flats between Roatan and Helene offer epic conditions to kite in the afternoon with flat water. We organize boat shuttles & downwinders back to the Camp Bay Lodge to enjoy one of the best spots of the Island. About 6km of flat water and nature pure invite you to cruise or push your riding to the next level. For Freestylers visiting Roatan Pulpit is your lagoon to practice you could get a drop off by boat or journey upwind approx. 4k from the Camp Bay Lodge.

The St.Helene harbour is our go to location for ESE and E winds, especially for morning sessions or on very strong days it’s the best spot with shallow flat water and super steady winds. Excellent for beginners to hold the edge and learn how to go upwind and anyone liking epic views, steady winds and flat water. Please note there is no beach, rigging is done in shallow water and from the boat. No worries our team got your back for a speedy setup. For lunch we stop at a local restaurant for delicious seafood.

About 20 min by boat further East awaits a tiny island called Pigeon Cay, which is surrounded by reef and beautiful waters in all shades of blue. It used to be a lush paradise with palm trees but unfortunately, it’s has deteriorated over the last couple of years and soon only a sandbar will be left so better don’t waste any time.

Another great experience is an early morning session riding over in the historic Port Royal harbours on the south side of the island right across Camp Bay. Absolutely stunning views and crystal-clear water makes this definitely one of our favorite locations to ride. Old Port Royal and New Port Royal used to be home for some 5000 pirates in the 17th century and Henry Morgan, Blackbeard and Van Horn once ruled over the shores and waters. Historic and Epic.

How about a downwinder to the vibrant village of Punta Gorda the oldest settlement of the Garifuna community here in Central America after they got deported from the island of St. Vincente in 1797. We would take off right from Camp Bay along the northshore and pass by Paya Bay, Diamond Rock, Punta Blanca and finally reach to Punta Gorda. We either go back by boat or bus… actually, we could always arrange an evening out and eat and dance there after the session. Definitely one of the cultural highlights of Roatan.