Low Stress Roatan Family Vacations

Low Stress Roatan Family Vacations

Low Stress Roatan Family Vacations

Going on vacation with the whole family can be incredibly stressful.  Trying to keep track of everyone and their belongings is only the beginning.  Then you have to navigate your way around strange environments and sleep in unfamiliar beds while ensuring everyone is getting what they want out of the holiday.  That said, when visiting a warm tropical environment such as Roatan, it seems easier to slow down and enjoy the trip.  Why is that?  In this post, we’ll show why low stress Roatan family vacations are easy to pull off.

A Slower Pace Of Life

If you haven’t heard of “island time,” you should understand that the pace of life on many tropical islands is often much slower than what you’re used to back home.  Some of it has to do with the heat, some of it is just a more laid back attitude.  What’s for certain is that very seldom will you find people in a rush or acting upset if you’re late.  This may sound unfamiliar and possibly inconvenient, but if you can embrace it, you’ll certainly enjoy a low stress Roatan family vacation.  Take advantage of it.  After all, you’re on holiday!

The Beaches Are Beautiful

Roatan has long stretches of powdery white sand beaches with clear blue turquoise waters.  There’s no better way to relax with the family than lounging on the beach.  The kids will love the warm water and clean sand, while mom and dad can kick back on a sun lounger and enjoy a tropical beverage.  Let the Roatan sun, sand and sound of the waves create a relaxing backdrop for a low stress family vacation.

Plenty Of Activities for All Ages

If you don’t want to spend your entire vacation relaxing on the beach, Roatan provides plenty of activities for all ages and dispositions.  If your children are older, this can allow for some valuable solo time.  Work on your mindfulness with a yoga class while the more adventurous go kitesurfing.  Spend some time snorkelling or scuba diving while the animal lovers check out the monkeys, sloths and iguanas.  Roatan offers enough unique adventures to ensure your family doesn’t get bored or tired of each other’s company.

Easy Access

As opposed to many other Caribbean islands, Roatan is easily accessible with direct flights from the US and Canada.  You won’t have to worry about making connections if you’re flying out of Miami, Atlanta, Houston or Toronto.  Direct flights make traveling easier, especially if there are young children or senior citizens in your group.  

Roatan Is Exotic, But Not Completely Unfamiliar

Roatan is different enough that you’ll feel like you’re on a foreign vacation, but not so different that you’ll be paralysed with culture shock.  Although the official language of Honduras (the country that the island of Roatan belongs to) is Spanish, you won’t have any problem getting around and doing what you want to do in Roatan if you only speak English.  Virtually all the Islanders speak English, and if they don’t, someone nearby will.