The best time to visit Roatan for kiteboarding is between February and August when the Caribbean Trade Winds offer very reliable and consistent conditions. Roatan is a 77km long and less than 8km wide island just 50km off the coast of Honduras and is the largest of the 3 Bay Islands (Utila, Roatan, Guanaja).

The island is resting on an ancient reef known as the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef which is the second largest reef system in the world and therefore very popular amongst Scuba Divers. However, the best kitespots are located on the East End of the island with Camp Bay as the main area suitable for any level. Expect wind speed between 12-30 knots and most often between 15-25 knots.

The usual pattern is 3-10 days of wind than 1-2 days break till the next period of wind. The easterly trade winds blow ESE during the night and morning and shift over to E or ENE in the afternoon. Wind speed increases after 3pm till Sunset. From January till April occasional north storms mix up the trade wind pattern. During the season any moment is good to learn!

For kiters with own gear we recommend 8-12m kites and depending on weight evtl. a smaller 7m or bigger 14m kite to cover most of the conditions. If you are loyal to the foil make sure you bring it along as the Camp Bay spot offers ideal conditions.

The best time for wave riders is between January and May when occasional swell brings in 2-6ft waves. Join in for epic downwinders or boat trips to the best spots around. It never gets cold expect temperature around 24-29 degree. The relative humidity averages 72%. Water is always warm 25-29 degree.

One of the most convenient aspects to Roatan is that the island has amazing air connectivity, with non-stop flights available from Miami and Dallas via American Airlines; Atlanta via Delta; and Houston via United Airlines, and El Salvador via Avianca year round. There are also seasonal flights available from Montreal, Toronto, New York and Madrid. Most of these airlines also offer flights from several gateways in North and South America to Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula, Honduras main cities; all just a hop away from the island via several smaller local airlines such as CM Airlines.

There is also the large and comfortable passenger ferry by Safeway Maritime that operates daily from La Ceiba.