Roatan Travel Requirements: Covid 19

Roatan Travel Requirements: Covid 19

Although the global pandemic has put kinks in many of our travel plans, things are hopefully starting to become a little more predictable.  If you’re thinking of spending some time on the beaches of Roatan, you’ll be happy to know the island is open for business!  The government has put into place some new registration measures to help facilitate the process of getting through immigration and customs while mitigating the spread of Covid as travellers arrive on the island.  If you’re looking to find out what are the Roatan travel requirements with Covid 19, we’ve put together this informative article to help you out.

Covid 19 Proof of Vaccination Or Negative Test

You will need to show proof of vaccination or a negative Covid 19 PCR or antigen test taken within 72 hours of arrival in Honduras.  

Proof of vaccination must be the original physical card that you received when vaccinated – photocopies and digital versions are not accepted.

Roatan 48 Hour Registration Window

There are now two forms that need to be filled out within 48 hours of your arrival in Honduras.  You can register and create login details prior to 48 hours of your arrival, but you must wait until you’re within the 48 hour window of arrival in Honduras to complete the forms.  The two forms to fill out are the Honduras Immigration Precheck (Prechequeo) and the Honduras Affidavit (Epidemiological Surveillance Sheet and Affidavit of Health) or Ficha de Vigilancia Epidemiológica de la Salud in Spanish. 

Honduras Immigration Precheck

The Immigration Precheck can be completed at this link:

You can fill out the online form in English or Spanish.  Look towards the bottom of the homepage to change the language.  If you’ve never filled out a Honduras Immigration Precheck before, you’ll need to register an account using a valid email address.  This step can be done any time before your arrival.  Once you’ve secured a password, you’ll be able to login to the website and create an Immigration Precheck form.  You’ll be asked for your home country, your arrival date, your transportation details, your destination address, your passport details and personal information such as your birthdate, country of birth and occupation.  Ensure that you do not complete this form prior to 48 hours of your arrival in Honduras.  You’ll receive a confirmation email with a scannable QR code that you can print off or save to a smart device.  You can use a single account to register all family members travelling with you.

Honduras Affidavit (Epidemiological Surveillance Sheet and Affidavit of Health)

The Honduras Affidavit (Epidemiological Surveillance Sheet and Affidavit of Health) requires a copy of your vaccination status or proof of negative Covid test results and a photo or scan of your passport identification page.  A link to fill out this form (entitled Phytosanitary Form of the Ministry of Health of Honduras) will appear once you complete the Immigration Precheck form.  You can fill out most of this form in either English or Spanish.  

You’ll be asked for your port of arrival, transportation company and related flight or ship number, date and time of arrival, reason for travel, passport number, personal details, questions about Covid 19 symptoms and/or previous infection and destination address.  You’ll also need to upload the photos or scans of your passport information page and Covid 19 vaccination certificate or test results.  Uploading of the passport information page needs to be done on the Spanish version of the site as it won’t load properly on the English version.  There will be no confirmation email once this form is completed and submitted.