Hotels on the Beach Checklist

Hotels on the Beach Checklist

There are a handful of common factors to look out for when planning a tropical beach vacation.  A trip to Camp Bay Beach in Roatan will ensure that virtually every one of those factors is available to you.  To help you get organized, we’ve created a Roatan hotels on the beach checklist.  Use our list to compare your potential destinations and find out how many of these elements will be included as part of your holiday.

Proximity To The Beach

It’s not a beach holiday if there’s no beach in sight!  There are rooms in Roatan hotels, such as Camp Bay Lodge, that are literally steps away from the longest natural beach on the island.  Camp Bay offers the ideal beach attributes of crisp white sand and clear turquoise water.  Not only that, but you’ll find it essentially deserted most of the time.  When considering your Roatan hotel beach checklist, make sure the sea and the sand are close by.  

Warm Tropical Weather

A beach holiday isn’t a whole lot of fun if it’s cold and rainy during your stay.  Although no one can guarantee the weather, the odds are heavily in your favor if you’re hoping to find a warm, sunny environment on Camp Bay Beach.  Tropical temperatures and sunny days are consistent ingredients of a stay in Camp Bay regardless of the time of year.  Although there is a rainy season in Roatan, showers typically occur in short bursts which leave the remainder of the day with clear, blue skies.  Average highs range from 82 to 90F (28 to 32C) throughout the year.  Your Roatan hotels on the beach checklist needs to include classic tropical beach weather and Camp Bay is very unlikely to disappoint.

Local Food And Drinks

Going on a tropical beach holiday should mean fresh fruit and juices, locally-sourced produce and seafood specialties.  Many East End Roatan hotels, such as Camp Bay Lodge, have restaurants that focus on homemade recipes which take advantage of seasonal, organic ingredients to create a satisfying mix of local and international cuisines.  To make it a true beach getaway, you should also have access to a range of fruity, tropical beverages served with or without alcohol.


Although there’s nothing wrong with lounging on the beach for your entire vacation, it’s always nice to have the option to partake in some other types of activities.  The hotels on the beach in Camp Bay provide several recreational pursuits that will fulfill all adventure levels from mild to intense.  The Camp Bay Lodge boutique hotel, for example, features both an open-air yoga platform and a kitesurfing school.  For those who need something in between those two extremes, there’s paddleboarding, kayaking, snorkelling, scuba diving, fishing, hiking and more.  While most beach holidays are mainly about relaxing, you don’t want to end up getting bored.  Ensure your Roatan hotels on the beach checklist includes a broad spectrum of activities.