Roatan Activities: Kitesurfing

Roatan Activities: Kitesurfing

Roatan Activities: Learn to Kitesurf

As the travel world opens up after a couple of years of Covid-related restrictions, people are eager to make up for lost time.  The Honduran island of Roatan, like most tourist-oriented locales, has been gladly welcoming back visitors.  While Roatan is well known around the world for its spectacular and affordable scuba diving, if you’re looking for more unique Roatan activities:  learn to kitesurf at Camp Bay Lodge.

Why The North Shore Of Roatan Is Suited To Kitesurfing

The two natural ingredients necessary for kitesurfing are water and wind.  While the entire island of Roatan is surrounded by water, some of the best wind conditions occur on the northeast shore.  Easterly trade winds coming across the Atlantic from Africa, known as L’Alize, buffet the island’s north coast and create reliable near year-round conditions for kitesurfing.  

The Perfect Elements For A Kitesurfing School

Add the turquoise blue waters and the mile-long stretch of white sand beach at Camp Bay to the L’Alize and you have the perfect spot in Roatan to learn to kitesurf.  Camp Bay Lodge is run by long-time kitesurfers who are dedicated to growing the sport among the local population by teaching them to teach visitors the nuances of the sport.

Need To Know For Kitesurfing Beginners

One aspect of kitesurfing that makes it so attractive to all sexes is that it doesn’t require exceptional upper body strength.  Choosing the right kite while employing feeling, finesse and form is much more important since the wind does all the heavy lifting.  You’ll find your body’s core gets a good workout, but that doesn’t sway the sport exclusively male.

Previous Sporting Experience

Of course, as with any skill, previous experience with similar skills can help a beginner learn to kitesurf more quickly.  If you’ve done any sort of boardsport, such as surfing, wakeboarding, snowboarding or skateboarding, you’ll already have an understanding of the feeling required to remain balanced on the water.  However, because you’ll more than likely take some tumbles, being able to swim is a prerequisite.

How Long Will It Take To Be Able To Kitesurf?

Although it’ll be different for everybody, if you dedicate yourself to three days of four hour lessons you should be able to ride alone with confidence.  From there you can learn some of the more advanced skills.

What Can You Do To Learn To Kitesurf Faster?

If you want to give yourself a head start before you even hit the water, check to see if there are any power kiting or traction kiting enthusiasts in your area.  This entails flying a kite on dryland and learning how to steer it.  It will also give you insight into the various sections of the wind window which is an important skill in kitesurfing.  If you can’t find an actual power or traction kite to fly, simply watching some videos online will give you an understanding of the basics of kite control.

Taking Kitesurfing Lessons In Roatan

If you want to try some new Roatan activities and learn to kitesurf, head to Camp Bay Lodge for some lessons with a qualified instructor.  They’ll be able to kit you out with gear suited to your size, abilities and the current weather conditions while providing you with all the information you need to know to get yourself speeding across the water.