New Hobby: Kite Boarding in Roatan

New Hobby: Kite Boarding in Roatan

Why Kite Boarding in Roatan Should be Your New Hobby:

If you’re a fan of water sports, warm tropical islands and trying new things, we guarantee you’ll want to try kite boarding. We’ve put together a list of reasons why kite boarding in Roatan should be your new hobby.

Kite Boarding Is The Newest Watersport

Surfing, windsurfing and paddle boarding are all excellent activities in their own right, but kite boarding is currently the newest and fastest growing water sport. With good reason!  The learning curve for kite boarding is not as steep as surfing, it doesn’t require as much upper body strength as windsurfing and it’s exponentially more exhilarating than paddle boarding.  If you’re looking for a new hobby to include in your water sport repertoire, kite boarding is where it’s at.

Kite Boarding In Roatan Offers Ideal Conditions

With the African trade winds blowing across the Atlantic, the northeast coast of Roatan is the recipient of ideal conditions for kite boarding.  Kitesurf Roatan has taken advantage of this resource and set up a kitesurfing school at Camp Bay Lodge on the north coast of Roatan’s East End.  Located on a long stretch of white sand beach, Kitesurf Roatan is the brainchild of professional kitesurfer, Marilou Lavallée.  Here, everyone from first-timers to veterans of the sport is wholeheartedly welcomed to partake in the joy offered by the wind and water.


Kite Boarding Will Improve Your Mindfulness And Patience

If getting “into the zone” or practicing self-restraint are things you struggle with, there’s nothing like a sport such as kite boarding to naturally introduce these elements into your life.  Kite boarding requires concentration.  But you’ll have no problems acquiring it once you feel the pull of wind on your kite.  And participating in a sport that depends on the vagaries of Mother Nature ensures that you’ll remain patient, yet ready to strike when the conditions permit.  If you’re looking for a natural mood enhancer with the bonus byproduct of mental self-control, kite boarding is sure to provide.

You’ll Be Immersed In Roatan’s Beauty

The pure white sand beaches and crystal clear waters that surround the island of Roatan are exactly what you see in your mind’s eye when you think of a tropical paradise.  Taking on a sport such as kite boarding will allow you to bask in these natural gifts for hours on end without feeling the least bit bored or spiritless.  Kite boarding allows you to fully interact with the sun, the wind and the water in a way that laying on the beach will never be able to match.

Rental Gear is Available 

Getting into the kite surfing sport can be expensive if you need to purchase your own gear. At our Kite School in Roatan, we offer equipment rental which makes it easy and affordable for people that would like to learn how to kite surf and enjoy the sport when they feel like it without having to bring their gear back and forth to the island.