Getting Around Roatan

Getting Around Roatan


Roatan might be a small island, at just 77 km across and 8 km from North to South, but it can still be difficult to navigate due to the still-growing infrastructure. Boats are one of the most common and easy ways to get around the island for the locals, but with the roads being built further East, it’s becoming just as easy to take a form of taxi or bus. Keep reading to learn how to get around Roatan.

Travelling to Roatan

Arriving on the island is very simple as there are only two options: by air, and by sea. You can fly to Roatan from Toncontín Airport in Tegucigalpa or Ramón Villeda Morales Airport in San Pedro Sula directly with CM Airlines, arriving at Juan Manuel Gálvez Airport in Coxen Hole, in the West of the island. A very small airport, it was updated in 2013 to include some cafes, restaurants, a pharmacy and a small duty free section. 

Or, if you’re travelling from further afield, you can fly directly from Miami Airport with American Airlines, or George Bush Airport in Houston, Texas with United Airlines. 

If you want a more eco-friendly means of transport, you can also take the ferry from La Ceiba, in mainland Honduras, and arrive in Coxen Hole port. Galaxy Wave Ferries have two journeys per day, you can see their schedules here, as do Utila Dream Ferries, whose schedules and prices you can find here. 

For more useful information on what to bring with you and what currency to use on the island, see our blog on Travelling to Roatan




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Should I Rent a Car in Roatan?

It can be beneficial to rent a car while you’re in Roatan, so you can have the freedom to move around the island as you please, however, it’s not necessary in order to get around. 

You can rent cars at Juan Manuel Gálvez Airport, or if you decide when you’re already here, then your hotel can help you arrange a car rental. Dilbert car rental is available in Politilly Bight in the East, where there are also ATVs available to rent, for a different view of the island.

You can rent scooters while in Roatan as well, but make sure the rental company gives you a good quality helmet. The police can be very strict on road safety, and it’s important to prioritise your own safety regardless. Your hotel can also help you arrange this. 



There are plenty of ways of getting around Roatan, whether you drive along the coastal roads to take in the sea view, or take a boat trip to get an outside view of the island. At Camp Bay Lodge, we pride ourselves on ensuring our guests have the best possible island experience. Discover our hotel, or find out everything you need to know about Roatan here.



Getting Around the Island

Most Roatan blogs will tell you that the East of the island is virtually unreachable, but not anymore. As more and more people search for a peaceful break surrounded by nature, the East end is growing in popularity and is becoming more easily accessible. How do you get from the West End to the East End and back? You’re about to find out!

How Do I Get to the West End?

The West End is actually not the most western point of Roatan, but rather, a popular area for tourists on the north shore in the west side of the island. Just 10 km from Roatan airport, you can take a taxi or drive to West End in 25 – 30 minutes, either taking the northern coastal road through Sandy Bay or the southern coastal road through Gravel Bay. From here you can continue for another 10 minutes down West Bay Road to arrive in West Bay, the furthest point West in Roatan. There is also a public bus to the West End from Coxen Hole, although there are no official stops, so you have to wave down the bus and tell the driver when you need to get off.

You can also take boat trips from many points along the West coast all around the island, just head to the beach and ask!

It’s a popular area for diving, watching sunsets and visiting the famous Gumbalimba Park, so a trip out West should not be missed while you’re in Roatan.

How Do I Get to the East End?

To reach the East end of Roatan, you can take the Carretera Principal eastwards, through French Harbour, to arrive in Politilly Bight, Punta Gorda, Oakridge or Camp Bay. To reach the easternmost point of Roatan, Santa Elena, or St Helene, you’ll have to take a boat as there is a large mangrove forest separating the island. You can do this via water taxi from Oakridge, where you can also take a mangrove tour or snorkelling tour around the many shipwrecks, islands and the barrier reef. 

If you don’t want to rent a car or take a taxi, there is also public transport on the island. A bus runs from Coxen Hole to Oakridge approximately every 20 minutes, and costs less than 2$. From here you can take a mototaxi (like a tuk tuk), a water taxi, or a normal taxi, to complete your journey. Bear in mind, however, that there are no public transport services on Sundays!



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