When is the Best Time to Visit Roatan?

When is the Best Time to Visit Roatan?


A Caribbean island north of Honduras’ north shore, Roatan is an ideal holiday destination. From long sandy beaches and tropical forests to vast marine life, it has a lot to offer for any kind of holiday, but choosing the best time to visit Roatan can be tricky.

Since the annual temperature only differs by 8°C, day and night, with lows at a very mild 25°C, the climate can be welcoming all year, especially to divers who can enjoy the warm waters and aquatic life. However, the rainy season may be off-putting to some, so it’s important to time your stay well. 

We’ve put together the best parts of each season, to help you decide when to visit Roatan.




At the beginning of summer in Roatan, the weather starts to heat up, reaching around 32°C daily. This humid, tropical heat can be very enticing to some people, so if you visit the island in the summer months, make sure you bring a good sunscreen. July is considered the hottest month, and the heat makes the sea all the more inviting, so pack your swimming costume and snorkel if you have one – if not, there are plenty of places to rent gear all along the coastline. 

A common question when talking of the Roatan climate is: “are there mosquitoes in Roatan?” And yes, there are. Since the island has a regular eastern wind, however, the mosquitoes don’t pose much of a problem, and cases of malaria and dengue fever on the island are incredibly rare.

You can witness more turtle nesting in summer with Camp Bay welcoming more of these cute sea creatures in June. 




Rain continues into December, however January sees the peak of the rainfall. Unlike other tropical countries, rainy season largely means heavy showers rather than continual rain, and most of it occurs in the early mornings, so you can still enjoy a pleasant day out. Thanks to this, the island is still a popular destination for the Christmas holidays and New Year celebrations. 

The brilliant greenery in the island’s forests remains luscious through to spring as the rains end, so to get the most out of it while still staying dry, February is a great month to stay in Roatan. February is also the month of love, with Valentine’s Day in the middle, and at Camp Bay Lodge, we can make your romantic getaway extra special, find out more here








Spring is possibly the best time to visit Roatan as the combination of great weather, animal life, and holidays and events means there is plenty of time to sunbathe and unwind, or, if you prefer, get active. March marks the beginning of the dry season in Roatan so you won’t be bothered by any showers, and the temperature is starting to warm up again towards 30°C so you can really make the most of the pristine beaches and crystal clear waters. 

March also sees the beginning of turtle nesting season on the island. There are many different nesting sites across the island, but in March, they can be seen nesting on the Camp Bay beaches on Roatan’s East End.

Also sometimes in March, but more often in April, we have the Easter holidays. This is a popular time for tourists to visit the island due to school holidays, however it’s also a great time to see how the locals celebrate. Roatan has a large cultural mix, so you can see different celebrations across the communities on the island. 

April is also the month of the annual Garifuna festival in Punta Gorda. With singing, dancing, eating and drinking, this is a fun event to get involved with.

For fans of apnoea diving, despite being able to enjoy the island all year round, you can also visit in May to witness the island’s annual freediving competition. Also, while kitesurfing season may already be well under way, by spring, there are fewer showers than in January and February, so more time to get out on the water.




The end of summer also sees the tourist season wind down as the temperature begins to drop and the rainy season begins. September is usually very pleasant, as in spring, however the rains in October through to December mean the end of the kitesurfing season and less pleasant beach walks and swimming. However, the rainy season in Roatan can be incredibly scenic, so if you prefer to get out of the crowds and enjoy a quiet break on the island, complete with incredible thunderstorms and hikes through strikingly lush greenery, then autumn is the best time for you to visit Roatan

In Autumn we also have a few Honduran national holidays on the island. Come join in the celebrations on 15 September for Independence Day, 3 October for Soldier’s Day or 21 October for Army Day celebrating the overthrow of dictator Julio Lozano Díaz in 1956. 

What’s more, since the temperatures are falling and schools are restarting, the off-peak season in Roatan can often make everything from flights and car rental to accommodation much cheaper. 



There is no definitive ‘best time to visit Roatan’ as each season has great positives for every interest. Camp Bay Lodge has something for everyone, whether you’re looking to get away from the city and unwind surrounded by nature, or get active out at sea. 

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