Kite & Mindfulness in Roatan

Kite & Mindfulness in Roatan


Here it is… the opportunity to dive in a lifestyle (at least for a moment, a week or 2) that is the version of yourself you’ve always wanted. I know it’s a big statement but hear me out:

Co-creating the Lodge was a dream and it became true. The dream was/still is: to share our passion for life, to strenghten the belief that you and I can live our life how we want. Yes, sky is not even the limit. What ever you dream you can be or do. It is possible. We started with this in mind, nothing more than idea, wishing to share with you this reality and we walked all the steps, so can you.

Our very first passion was Kitesurfing, that is why you will find our kite school @kitesurfroatan right on site of the Lodge. It is also the best place to kitesurf if you come to Honduras.

Now, another big point we share, love and keep loving is the immersion and the learnings we get from the people and the culture we live in. There’s nothing more than another culture to open your eyes on your own life.



Now, mindfulness you would say? Yes, because ultimately all of this is only possible, when we decide to slow down an inch and check-in with ourselves. What is that I really want? How is it that I really want a live?

If like us, you like those questions… Well join us in a spacial stay in the middle of nowhere, in a rich Caribbean culture, that goes slow and mindfully living life, and enjoy all of the magnificent nature the Island of Roatan has to offer.

Yes you can kitesurf, paddle board, kayak, flyfishing, deep sea fishing, go on a mangrove tour, practice yoga or even slower… get a relaxing massage, watch the thousand stars at night on the peer, chat with our local staff, get to know them, spend time in your hammock, feet on the sand, listening to the waves, watching birds and iguanas crossing your way.

If you want all of that and even deeper, that’s also possible.

To book the following contact:

  • Your stay and all the other activities: Chris

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New Yoga Teacher Training: Roatan Honduras

New Yoga Teacher Training: Roatan Honduras

We are sooo excited!

Please hear the drumming bells, because …

Camp Bay Lodge will be kicking off the new year with hosting a 200hr Yoga Teacher Training in Roatan-Honduras from a beautiful Yoga school in Canada Shanti Yoga, school of traditional yoga.

There is no prior experience needed, if you’ve always dream to go deeper in your own yoga practice or feel the call to experience teaching yoga, we invite you to look at this short video!

Meanwhile, if you don’t know about our little paradise… We are a small heart minded based Lodge with a #mindfulstay purpose, we live simply and love deeply. We are located in the non-touristy area of Roatan, wich is one very cute Caribbean Island part of the Bay Island in Honduras. It is partly English (well Island English) as it comes from a British colony and you’ll hear some Spanish as well as many people came to the Island from the mainland of Honduras.

Finally, if you live in central America or Honduras and are comfortable speaking English, please reach out if you feel called by this retreat & training.

If you wish to book your YTT in Camp Bay Lodge, Roatan, Honduras, send your application to this address.

Meanwhile, we are looking forward to see you!


Yoga Teacher Training Roatan