Low Stress Roatan Family Vacations

Low Stress Roatan Family Vacations

Low Stress Roatan Family Vacations

Going on vacation with the whole family can be incredibly stressful.  Trying to keep track of everyone and their belongings is only the beginning.  Then you have to navigate your way around strange environments and sleep in unfamiliar beds while ensuring everyone is getting what they want out of the holiday.  That said, when visiting a warm tropical environment such as Roatan, it seems easier to slow down and enjoy the trip.  Why is that?  In this post, we’ll show why low stress Roatan family vacations are easy to pull off.

A Slower Pace Of Life

If you haven’t heard of “island time,” you should understand that the pace of life on many tropical islands is often much slower than what you’re used to back home.  Some of it has to do with the heat, some of it is just a more laid back attitude.  What’s for certain is that very seldom will you find people in a rush or acting upset if you’re late.  This may sound unfamiliar and possibly inconvenient, but if you can embrace it, you’ll certainly enjoy a low stress Roatan family vacation.  Take advantage of it.  After all, you’re on holiday!

The Beaches Are Beautiful

Roatan has long stretches of powdery white sand beaches with clear blue turquoise waters.  There’s no better way to relax with the family than lounging on the beach.  The kids will love the warm water and clean sand, while mom and dad can kick back on a sun lounger and enjoy a tropical beverage.  Let the Roatan sun, sand and sound of the waves create a relaxing backdrop for a low stress family vacation.

Plenty Of Activities for All Ages

If you don’t want to spend your entire vacation relaxing on the beach, Roatan provides plenty of activities for all ages and dispositions.  If your children are older, this can allow for some valuable solo time.  Work on your mindfulness with a yoga class while the more adventurous go kitesurfing.  Spend some time snorkelling or scuba diving while the animal lovers check out the monkeys, sloths and iguanas.  Roatan offers enough unique adventures to ensure your family doesn’t get bored or tired of each other’s company.

Easy Access

As opposed to many other Caribbean islands, Roatan is easily accessible with direct flights from the US and Canada.  You won’t have to worry about making connections if you’re flying out of Miami, Atlanta, Houston or Toronto.  Direct flights make traveling easier, especially if there are young children or senior citizens in your group.  

Roatan Is Exotic, But Not Completely Unfamiliar

Roatan is different enough that you’ll feel like you’re on a foreign vacation, but not so different that you’ll be paralysed with culture shock.  Although the official language of Honduras (the country that the island of Roatan belongs to) is Spanish, you won’t have any problem getting around and doing what you want to do in Roatan if you only speak English.  Virtually all the Islanders speak English, and if they don’t, someone nearby will.  


Roatan Activities: Kitesurfing

Roatan Activities: Kitesurfing

Roatan Activities: Learn to Kitesurf

As the travel world opens up after a couple of years of Covid-related restrictions, people are eager to make up for lost time.  The Honduran island of Roatan, like most tourist-oriented locales, has been gladly welcoming back visitors.  While Roatan is well known around the world for its spectacular and affordable scuba diving, if you’re looking for more unique Roatan activities:  learn to kitesurf at Camp Bay Lodge.

Why The North Shore Of Roatan Is Suited To Kitesurfing

The two natural ingredients necessary for kitesurfing are water and wind.  While the entire island of Roatan is surrounded by water, some of the best wind conditions occur on the northeast shore.  Easterly trade winds coming across the Atlantic from Africa, known as L’Alize, buffet the island’s north coast and create reliable near year-round conditions for kitesurfing.  

The Perfect Elements For A Kitesurfing School

Add the turquoise blue waters and the mile-long stretch of white sand beach at Camp Bay to the L’Alize and you have the perfect spot in Roatan to learn to kitesurf.  Camp Bay Lodge is run by long-time kitesurfers who are dedicated to growing the sport among the local population by teaching them to teach visitors the nuances of the sport.

Need To Know For Kitesurfing Beginners

One aspect of kitesurfing that makes it so attractive to all sexes is that it doesn’t require exceptional upper body strength.  Choosing the right kite while employing feeling, finesse and form is much more important since the wind does all the heavy lifting.  You’ll find your body’s core gets a good workout, but that doesn’t sway the sport exclusively male.

Previous Sporting Experience

Of course, as with any skill, previous experience with similar skills can help a beginner learn to kitesurf more quickly.  If you’ve done any sort of boardsport, such as surfing, wakeboarding, snowboarding or skateboarding, you’ll already have an understanding of the feeling required to remain balanced on the water.  However, because you’ll more than likely take some tumbles, being able to swim is a prerequisite.

How Long Will It Take To Be Able To Kitesurf?

Although it’ll be different for everybody, if you dedicate yourself to three days of four hour lessons you should be able to ride alone with confidence.  From there you can learn some of the more advanced skills.

What Can You Do To Learn To Kitesurf Faster?

If you want to give yourself a head start before you even hit the water, check to see if there are any power kiting or traction kiting enthusiasts in your area.  This entails flying a kite on dryland and learning how to steer it.  It will also give you insight into the various sections of the wind window which is an important skill in kitesurfing.  If you can’t find an actual power or traction kite to fly, simply watching some videos online will give you an understanding of the basics of kite control.

Taking Kitesurfing Lessons In Roatan

If you want to try some new Roatan activities and learn to kitesurf, head to Camp Bay Lodge for some lessons with a qualified instructor.  They’ll be able to kit you out with gear suited to your size, abilities and the current weather conditions while providing you with all the information you need to know to get yourself speeding across the water.

Discovering a Roatan Boutique Hotel

Discovering a Roatan Boutique Hotel

Virtually every avid traveler has a mental list of places they want to visit and adventures they want to experience.  Preparing an inventory of meaningful accomplishments and checking them off the list one-by-one is a satisfying way to know that you’re at least attempting to make the most of your life.  Well, we’ve come up with something else to add to your bucket list:  Discovering a Roatan boutique hotel.  Why?  Read on to find out.

What Is A Boutique Hotel?

Boutique hotels blend the best aspects of top-rated, brand name hotels and uniquely curated, independent bed and breakfasts.   They provide a homey, comfortable stay with luxurious amenities and top notch service.  Boutique hotels have a limited number of guests which allows for more attentive service in a unique setting that you’d struggle to find elsewhere.  Boutique hotels customarily have a true affinity with the local culture – something that is often lost in the brand name hotel experience.  

Where Is Roatan?

If you haven’t heard of Roatan before, you wouldn’t be alone!  Roatan is a small island (just 5 x 35 miles) in the Caribbean Sea about 40 miles off the north coast of the Central American country of Honduras.  Roatan is still a well-kept secret from most of the traveling masses, although that is surely changing since the arrival of cruise ship daytrippers.  But for the adventurers who want to explore some of the more secluded areas of the island, they’ll be rewarded with miles of deserted, white sand beaches, fresh local produce, friendly locals and access to some of the clearest, reef-filled waters in the world.

Discovering A Roatan Boutique Hotel On The North Coast

Most visitors to Roatan, whether arriving by cruise ship or plane, tend to gravitate towards the island’s western tip.  This is the most developed part of Roatan featuring the popular tourist destinations of West End and West Bay.  However, if you’re looking to get away from it all while still having access to luxurious amenities, a trip to Camp Bay Lodge on the northeastern side of the island will give you the respite you’re looking for.  Camp Bay Lodge is the quintessential Roatan boutique hotel sitting on the island’s longest stretch of natural white sand beach lapped by clear turquoise waters.

What Makes Camp Bay Lodge Unique Among Roatan Boutique Hotels?

Camp Bay Lodge features all the things you’d expect from a boutique hotel: attentive, personalized service, an inviting restaurant and bar that focuses on fresh, local organic ingredients, a judicious number of locally-crafted guest rooms and a direct connection to the local community.  What makes Camp Bay Lodge unique is its proximity to the beach (literally steps outside your door) and its focus on the curiously contrasting activities of kite surfing and yoga.  If you’re looking for a place to both pamper and challenge yourself, Camp Bay Lodge provides the perfect setting.

Roatan Vacations: The East End

Roatan Vacations: The East End

Most visitors to Roatan head to the west side of the island.  And for good reason – it’s where most of the action happens!  You’ll find numerous resorts and other lodgings, more restaurants and bars than you could patronize in a month, some of the island’s most iconic beaches and shopping options for every taste.  But if you skip out on the lesser-known East End, you’re definitely missing the authentic flavor of the island.  For those wanting a taste of true islander life on their Roatan vacations: Discover the East End.

Discovering Roatan’s East End

Roatan is split into two municipalities, Roatan municipality in the west and Santos Guardiola in the east.  Because there’s only one highway traversing the 32 mile long island, finding your way to Roatan’s East End isn’t difficult.  That said, if you want to make it to the legendary Port Royal at the easternmost tip of the island, you’ll want a vehicle with a little more suspension.  The road past Oak Ridge is gravel rather than pavement.  As the islanders say, “head up East” and come visit us in Santos Guardiola!

French Harbour

Although it’s technically still part of Roatan municipality, French Harbour is the de facto dividing line between east and west.  Some of the first Europeans arrived in what’s now known as French Harbour in the early 14th century.  It’s now the home to an active fishing community, Arch’s Iguana and Marine Park and the island’s only shopping mall.

Punta Gorda

Punta Gorda is the oldest permanent settlement in Roatan and home to the Garifuna people who were enslaved and subsequently released by British settlers in the 16th century.  The Garifuna Cultural Center provides information about traditional Garifuna culture including drumming and dancing demonstrations, food offerings and craft displays.  On April 12 there is an annual celebration commemorating the arrival of the Garifuna people on the island.


Oak Ridge

Oak Ridge is another fishing village that’s often called the “Venice of Roatan” because of the many colorful, traditional houses built on stilts above the water.  The area is also known for its boat tours through the tunnels and canals created by the mangrove forest.

Camp Bay

Compared to the busy beaches of the West End, Camp Bay provides the often sought-after miles of deserted white sand, tropical beaches.  If you’re looking to escape the tourist crowds and find a quiet, tranquil getaway with clear, turquoise waters, Camp Bay will fulfill your wishes.  The few low-key, rustic resorts in the area will still keep you busy with yoga, kitesurfing and all the other usual ocean activities.

Port Royal

Port Royal is the end of the island from which you can view the ruins of an old British fortress.  This is the area where thousands of 17th century pirates sheltered, taking refuge in the naturally protected harbor and utilizing the long sightlines.  Over the last hundred years, treasure hunters have combed the cays and ruins for hidden pirate booty.

Traveling to Roatan, Honduras

Traveling to Roatan, Honduras

Traveling to a new and unknown place is definitely exciting.  But it can also be nerve-wracking because, well… it’s a new and unknown place.  If you’re planning your first trip to Roatan, you probably have a lot of questions.  To help you out, we’ve put together a list of what to know before traveling to Roatan, Honduras.


It’s very likely that upon telling anyone that you’re traveling to Honduras, you’ll quickly be met with a response of, “But is it safe?!?”  While it’s true that Honduras has seen more than its fair share of violence (there was a constitutional crisis that resulted in an army-led coup d’etat in 2009,) the fact is that Roatan, being an island off the East coast of Honduras, has been largely sheltered from the majority of political and gang-related violence.  In Roatan, as long as you act as you would in any tourist-centric location or large city, you shouldn’t have any problems.  Is Roatan safe?  Absolutely.  Avoid flashing money and valuables, keep your wits about you and steer clear of illicit activities.  In other words, use common sense.

Covid Entry Requirements

As the travel world is beginning to get back into the swing of things, Covid entry requirements may change at any time, so always check for the latest requirements before departure.  That said, it’s currently necessary to be vaccinated or have a negative Covid PCR or rapid antigen test completed within 72 hours of arrival.  Vaccinated arrivals must show the original vaccination card that they received from their vaccination site. Digital copies and photocopies are NOT acceptable.  


The national currency is the Lempira, although US dollars are widely accepted.  Just ensure that all bills are in good condition as those that are ripped, defaced or soiled may not be accepted.  Don’t bring 50 or 100 dollar notes if at all possible.  Credit cards are accepted at large resorts, but very rarely at smaller businesses.  If paying by credit card, you’ll avoid heftier foreign exchange fees if you pay in the local currency rather than your home country’s currency.  Also, beware of any extra credit card exchange fees that a vendor may tack on illegally.


The national language of Honduras is Spanish, but in Roatan, English is spoken virtually everywhere.  You’ll also be exposed to a local Creole that’s a mixture of Spanish, English and indigenous Garifuna.

Drinking Water

It’s best not to drink tap water that hasn’t been boiled or otherwise purified.  Bottled water is your safest bet.  Any water or ice given to you by restaurants or bars will be safe to consume.  


Standard North American, three-pronged, 110V outlets are used.


Tipping is expected in Roatan’s restaurants.  However, inspect your bill to see if you’ve already been charged for “Servicio.”  If so, no extra tip is necessary.  Although if you feel the service was excellent, then feel free to add more.  If “Servicio” is not included in the bill, tip 10% or more.  Bartenders should also be tipped a dollar or two, especially if ordering labor-intensive drinks.  Leave hotel cleaners two to five dollars a day.  Tips are already included in taxi fares.  When diving, expect to tip $5 per tank or 10% of all costs – whichever is more.  When taking tours, a 10% tip for good service is appreciated.

Essential Items

Things that you should bring from home include sunscreen and bug spray.  Of course, you’ll be able to buy them in Roatan, but if you’re in a tourist-centric location, you’ll pay a heavy premium for the convenience.  Same with snorkel gear.  You can rent or buy snorkel gear in Roatan, but you’ll probably pay significantly more than if you brought your own.


New Hobby: Kite Boarding in Roatan

New Hobby: Kite Boarding in Roatan

Why Kite Boarding in Roatan Should be Your New Hobby:

If you’re a fan of water sports, warm tropical islands and trying new things, we guarantee you’ll want to try kite boarding. We’ve put together a list of reasons why kite boarding in Roatan should be your new hobby.

Kite Boarding Is The Newest Watersport

Surfing, windsurfing and paddle boarding are all excellent activities in their own right, but kite boarding is currently the newest and fastest growing water sport. With good reason!  The learning curve for kite boarding is not as steep as surfing, it doesn’t require as much upper body strength as windsurfing and it’s exponentially more exhilarating than paddle boarding.  If you’re looking for a new hobby to include in your water sport repertoire, kite boarding is where it’s at.

Kite Boarding In Roatan Offers Ideal Conditions

With the African trade winds blowing across the Atlantic, the northeast coast of Roatan is the recipient of ideal conditions for kite boarding.  Kitesurf Roatan has taken advantage of this resource and set up a kitesurfing school at Camp Bay Lodge on the north coast of Roatan’s East End.  Located on a long stretch of white sand beach, Kitesurf Roatan is the brainchild of professional kitesurfer, Marilou Lavallée.  Here, everyone from first-timers to veterans of the sport is wholeheartedly welcomed to partake in the joy offered by the wind and water.


Kite Boarding Will Improve Your Mindfulness And Patience

If getting “into the zone” or practicing self-restraint are things you struggle with, there’s nothing like a sport such as kite boarding to naturally introduce these elements into your life.  Kite boarding requires concentration.  But you’ll have no problems acquiring it once you feel the pull of wind on your kite.  And participating in a sport that depends on the vagaries of Mother Nature ensures that you’ll remain patient, yet ready to strike when the conditions permit.  If you’re looking for a natural mood enhancer with the bonus byproduct of mental self-control, kite boarding is sure to provide.

You’ll Be Immersed In Roatan’s Beauty

The pure white sand beaches and crystal clear waters that surround the island of Roatan are exactly what you see in your mind’s eye when you think of a tropical paradise.  Taking on a sport such as kite boarding will allow you to bask in these natural gifts for hours on end without feeling the least bit bored or spiritless.  Kite boarding allows you to fully interact with the sun, the wind and the water in a way that laying on the beach will never be able to match.

Rental Gear is Available 

Getting into the kite surfing sport can be expensive if you need to purchase your own gear. At our Kite School in Roatan, we offer equipment rental which makes it easy and affordable for people that would like to learn how to kite surf and enjoy the sport when they feel like it without having to bring their gear back and forth to the island. 

Is Roatan Safe for Solo Travelers?

Is Roatan Safe for Solo Travelers?

Solo travelers who prefer to visit off-the-beaten-track areas are often asked by concerned friends and relatives, “But is it safe?”  For the intrepid traveler, this constant refrain can become exasperating.  However, it’s important to remember it’s usually just a sign of care and loving interest.  So, after you’ve told your loved ones you’re planning an unaccompanied trip to an island off the coast of Honduras, try not to get too upset when you keep hearing the question, “Is Roatan safe for solo travelers?”

Is Roatan Safe?

Because Roatan is part of the Central American country of Honduras which experienced an internationally-condemned coup d’etat in 2009, you couldn’t be blamed for wondering if it’s safe.  Unsurprisingly, the aftermath of that political instability resulted in violent recriminations, a fast-rising crime rate and a large increase in poverty.  For a time, the bigger cities on the mainland registered some of the highest homicide rates in the world.  That said, the island of Roatan has generally been insulated from political violence and remains far safer than the larger cities on the continent.  Is Roatan safe for solo travelers?  As long as you follow basic personal safety rules that you would follow in any city, yes, Roatan is safe.

Keeping Your Wits About You

If you want to be safe in Roatan, or anywhere for that matter, all you really need to do is keep your wits about you.  Pay attention to your surroundings, don’t become overly intoxicated and follow common sense safety tips that you would follow in any urban area.  Avoid flaunting expensive jewelry or large amounts of cash and keep an eye on your possessions.  As in most urban environments, following your instincts is often enough to keep you out of most dangerous situations.


Power In Numbers

As a solo traveler it may not always be easy to buddy up, but having other people around can be both enjoyable and safer.  Wandering around alone after dark on remote beaches or in unfamiliar neighborhoods may not necessarily put you at risk, but your chances of being targeted are much lower when you’re with someone else.  If you do find yourself alone and worried about being targeted, even speaking to someone on your phone (or at least pretending to) can cause a potential attacker to give pause.

Avoiding Dangerous Situations

Taking part in illegal activities will put you at far more risk of harm than almost anything else you could do in Roatan.  Drugs and prostitution are illegal in Honduras but, like virtually everywhere, they still exist.  The rule of law is obviously not followed by those involved in these types of criminal enterprises, so it’s best to avoid them at all costs.  If you happen across physical altercations, protests or other civil disturbances, it would be in your best interest to not get involved and leave the vicinity immediately.  Certain areas of the island, such as the East End, are far quieter than the more tourist-centric parts, which often means there’s not much reason for criminals or potential thieves to congregate.  If you’re looking for some personal time, a quieter part of the island might provide you with the desired respite.


Hotels on the Beach Checklist

Hotels on the Beach Checklist

There are a handful of common factors to look out for when planning a tropical beach vacation.  A trip to Camp Bay Beach in Roatan will ensure that virtually every one of those factors is available to you.  To help you get organized, we’ve created a Roatan hotels on the beach checklist.  Use our list to compare your potential destinations and find out how many of these elements will be included as part of your holiday.

Proximity To The Beach

It’s not a beach holiday if there’s no beach in sight!  There are rooms in Roatan hotels, such as Camp Bay Lodge, that are literally steps away from the longest natural beach on the island.  Camp Bay offers the ideal beach attributes of crisp white sand and clear turquoise water.  Not only that, but you’ll find it essentially deserted most of the time.  When considering your Roatan hotel beach checklist, make sure the sea and the sand are close by.  

Warm Tropical Weather

A beach holiday isn’t a whole lot of fun if it’s cold and rainy during your stay.  Although no one can guarantee the weather, the odds are heavily in your favor if you’re hoping to find a warm, sunny environment on Camp Bay Beach.  Tropical temperatures and sunny days are consistent ingredients of a stay in Camp Bay regardless of the time of year.  Although there is a rainy season in Roatan, showers typically occur in short bursts which leave the remainder of the day with clear, blue skies.  Average highs range from 82 to 90F (28 to 32C) throughout the year.  Your Roatan hotels on the beach checklist needs to include classic tropical beach weather and Camp Bay is very unlikely to disappoint.

Local Food And Drinks

Going on a tropical beach holiday should mean fresh fruit and juices, locally-sourced produce and seafood specialties.  Many East End Roatan hotels, such as Camp Bay Lodge, have restaurants that focus on homemade recipes which take advantage of seasonal, organic ingredients to create a satisfying mix of local and international cuisines.  To make it a true beach getaway, you should also have access to a range of fruity, tropical beverages served with or without alcohol.


Although there’s nothing wrong with lounging on the beach for your entire vacation, it’s always nice to have the option to partake in some other types of activities.  The hotels on the beach in Camp Bay provide several recreational pursuits that will fulfill all adventure levels from mild to intense.  The Camp Bay Lodge boutique hotel, for example, features both an open-air yoga platform and a kitesurfing school.  For those who need something in between those two extremes, there’s paddleboarding, kayaking, snorkelling, scuba diving, fishing, hiking and more.  While most beach holidays are mainly about relaxing, you don’t want to end up getting bored.  Ensure your Roatan hotels on the beach checklist includes a broad spectrum of activities.

Roatan Food: Top Local Island Fruit

Roatan Food: Top Local Island Fruit

Traveling allows us to experience different cultures, lifestyles, environments and especially foods.  When it comes to tropical vacations, there’s always an expectation of fresh, ripe fruit.  Whether it be a garnish for an alcoholic drink, the drink itself, a fancy dessert or as a centerpiece in a meal, fresh island fruit is virtually always a welcome treat for holidaymakers.  Roatan is no exception.  Fruit plays a major role in everyday life on this Honduran island.  If you’re planning on visiting it’s good to have an idea of what you can expect.  For this reason, we’ve put together this post on Roatan food:  top local island fruit.


There’s rarely a shortage of this hipster staple on the island of Roatan.  Avocados are at their freshest in July and August, but you shouldn’t have a problem finding guacamole or smashed avocado toast at any time of year.  Avocados also play an important role in the traditional Honduran dish, the breakfast baleada.  Baleadas are Honduras’ answer to the taco.  In the breakfast baleada you’ll find eggs or beans along with avocados, queso (white cheese,) and crema fresca (fresh cream) in a warmed tortilla.  They might also include plantain, tomatoes, onions, peppers or a hot sauce.  It’s a simple, yet filling and nutritious morning meal.


For those unfamiliar with plantains, the appearance might fool you into thinking they’re a banana.  However, plantains have thicker skins and the inner flesh is much starchier than a banana.  This means plantains typically need to be cooked before being consumed.  Plantains are an ideal substitute for potatoes or rice – especially when green. 


Although mangos are quite well-known throughout the world, they’re cheap and plentiful in Roatan – one of the top local island fruits.  Mangos are in season from June to August. They have plenty of health benefits as they’re high in antioxidants, help with digestion and supposedly promote hair growth, heart function and eye health.  Because of the large seed and tough skin, it can be difficult to extract the sweet, edible flesh, but following the local method of dicing the flesh while still attached to the skin after the seed is carved away will make eating mangos easier.


It wouldn’t be a tropical island without coconuts, would it?  Young coconuts that are still green are often cracked open for their refreshing coconut water which is just as full of electrolytes as many of the fashionable sports drinks – but with far less sugar.  Ripe coconuts can be harvested for their meat which can be eaten as is or processed to create coconut milk.  


Rambutan are somewhat less known in northern climates, but this funny-looking fruit has a very sweet and tasty inside.  The fruit’s name comes from the Indonesian word for hair which you’ll appreciate as appropriate when you see the shaggy red “hairs” growing off the skin. Tear off this layer and you’ll find yourself with a golf ball-sized grape-like fruit that is sweet and moreish.  Although often mistaken for lychee fruit, rambutan is arguably even tastier!

Rustic Roatan Boutique Hotel

Rustic Roatan Boutique Hotel

For many, a tropical island getaway conjures up ideas of an all-inclusive resort with endless buffet tables, carefully delineated beaches and Vegas-inspired entertainment nights.  And while there’s something to be said about a vacation where all your needs – and beyond – are catered to, there’s definitely a forfeiture of authenticity.  

Being surrounded by hundreds, if not thousands, of other tourists, each one fighting for a beach chair, the last few french fries or a demi-glass of no-name beer hardly gives you a sense of experiencing a foreign culture – nevermind a relaxing reprieve where you might meet interesting people from around the world AND the country you’re visiting.

This is where boutique hotels are at their best.  When traveling to a place like Roatan, experiencing island culture is more than half the adventure.  And rustic meets Roatan boutique hotels, such as Camp Bay Lodge, are the best way to do that.

What Is It About Roatan Boutique Hotels?

When compared to the average all-inclusive resort, the boutique hotel defines itself by its unique personality.  It’s the difference between a chain restaurant and an exclusive steakhouse; a strip mall versus an arts and crafts village; a private jet rather than a Boeing 747.  Roatan boutique hotels provide a slice of island life that is virtually impossible to replicate inside an international chain hotel.  If you truly want to feel like you’ve experienced a foreign culture, your desire will be much more reliably realized in a boutique hotel.

The Benefits Of The Roatan Boutique Hotel Experience

Boutique hotels are, by definition, more specialized types of accommodations.  There will not be hundreds of rooms, thousands of other guests and the bustle and commotion that go along with them.  You’ll encounter a quieter environment, increasingly mindful service and a far more personalized experience.  If you want to remember your vacation as a one-of-a-kind stay rather than just another non-descript hotel room near the beach, choosing a boutique hotel will increase your chances multitudinously.  Very often too, your reward of such unique accommodations will come attached with a budget-friendly price tag.  At the very least, the value-for-money afforded by a boutique hotel is very difficult for the bigger hotels to match.

The Ability To Relax

Ultimately, your vacation time should allow you to relax.  And that’s not easy when your surroundings are formalized, standardized, and ultimately, institutionalized.  Staying in a rustic Roatan boutique hotel allows for an informality and casualness that represents what a true tropical vacation should be all about.  

You probably don’t want to spend your holidays in a room that looks just like your office back home.  Nor should you have to deal with the aggravation that comes with the rat race of trying to ensure you get your fair share of the proverbial pie.  Knowing that there are enough beach chairs available, no matter what time you decide to get out of bed can be the difference between mind-blowing exasperation and healthy relaxation.  Save yourself the indignities of holiday rage and book yourself into a boutique hotel in Roatan.