Want to experience how it feels to do or to give with no expectation? Prepare a meal or a lunch for the kids at our school village, bring some second hand clothing or schooling material for the Camp Bay kids. Organize a class in the school with a topic of your choice.

The island boys & girls love to play football (soccer) and always in need of balls and boots (Size 5-9 US). Chris is dedicated to set up a football program for the local kids and used to train them 2-3 times per week on the “Diamond Rock” field but currently lacks the time to continue so. Currently we are scouting for a reliable and dedicated football coach on the island and collect funds to provide a compensation and push the project further.

Once a month or every two weeks, Marilou teaches two classes in the community. One is dedicated to the kids during school hours learning to find balance, coordination and awareness. Another class is held on the evening for Camp Bay community Moms, giving them a special moment to find relaxation and time for themselves. All classes are free and with the aim of encouraging Self-Love, Acceptance & Respect.

The newly formed “Marine Park East End chapter” is always looking for supporters. Please get in touch with Chrissie & Brian from Dive Pangea.