• Indulge yourself in a deeply relaxing massage. We use natural oil such as coconut and pure essential oils.
  • Go deeper, using Energy work, Reiki and Breathing techniques aka Breathwork for a truly wholesome & healing experience.
  • If you’ve started your spiritual journey, or wish to create a change, a transition, or simply to dive into expansion to living your best life, set yourself with our mentor/coach Marilou Lavallee, co-owner of our Lodge, for some transformative sessions.  Start online & in person at the Lodge.

Categories: Wellness

Contact: Marilou directly +5043252227 via text or whats’App or ask at our restaurant.

$80 for 60min massage

$120 for 90min massage

$120 for Healing session & Mentoring/Coaching.

Scaling prices available for those who can’t afford sessions due to COVID. $80-$120