Explore with our local guides the only National Park of Roatan, the “Port Royal Wildlife Refuge” with the highest peak “Pico Picachu” offers great views and a surprising different vegetation. Gain insight over the natives culture from an Islanders perspective. From the native Paya Indians living in caves, to the century of pirates and the arrival of the Garifuna.

The tour starts at the Camp Bay Lodge and goes straight up to the National Park, along the ridge you hike through the National Park up to Roatan’s highest Elevation and back down to probably the most beautiful beach on the Island.

Cost: $15 p.person

What we recommand to bring: Waterbottle; Insect Repellent; Longsleeve Shirt & Pants, Sun Screen, Hat;

Optional: Bring your bathing suit as you might want to take a refreshing dip once back down on the beach;